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How we will operate safely moving forward towards a new normal!

Below you will see all information detailing how each class will run moving forward...


How the indoor sessions will work...

Ensuring the safety of all students!!

*I would like to note that the instructor will be wearing a mask both before and after the class but will remove it during exercise. The decision for students to wear masks are at their own discretion.*

1) Before class, all students will need to book a place in advance and complete the relevant waiver on this website or requested from the instructor.

2) Once inside there is a sanitation station at the entrance, walk through into the main hall and you'll be greeted by the instructor and find a space to stand.

4) During the class, students can use the bathroom facilities as they will be wiped down by the instructor before and after each sessions.

5) On exiting via the one way system through the patio doors there is a further sanitation station and the class will finish.


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